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Testimonials From Our Clients:
“Bashir is an exceptional leader with an outstanding expertise on Risk management. His ability to articulate and understand any critical issue, whether it is security or operations related, in an organization makes him an absolute stewart in providing the values by breaking the silos. His wealth of knowledge in the various industries including PCI, his exceptional knowledge of the credit card business and airlines makes him see any complicated scenario in a different set of perspective to offer value added executable solutions. Bashir earns his respect through his passionate leadership and his commanding knowledge in his area of expertise. He is a man of solutions provider and value adder in any complex scenarios for any organization. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to get to know Bashir. He is a true asset and I admire his skillsets, knowledge and his caring for the community. Ezhil” March 9, 2009

Ezhil Natarajan, General Manager, Best Buy

“Bashir was the head of the Payment business at SNS and headed Operations for Citibank before that. From past experience, I know of no one better than Bashir, who can zero in on root cause of any problem. He has hands-on and executive experience and has displayed that immensely in the Payment Card Industry (Product, Operations and Systems). He is highly respected in the Credit Card world. Bashir was the Executive Vice President, Risk Management & Security as well as the Global head of Internal Audit for Visa International and has had tremendous success in dealing with fraud prevention. Bashir was one of the key architects in developing the “Account Information Security – data Security Standards” for Visa, now known as PCI. He is very personable, with very solid ethics and integrity. He is an excellent risk and operations executive and I recommend highly.” March 11, 2009

Griff Hosein, Sr Project Manager, Bank of Montreal

“Bashir has a extensive knowledge of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and Compliance. He recently presented two all day sessions on the standards to the ISACA Toronto chapter, where he shared his knowledge to the benefit of everyone who participated. Information on the topic was presented in a comprehensive and easily understandable fashion, which resulted in rave reviews from all of the participants.” March 16, 2009
Bob Darlington, Sr. Audit Specialist & Team Leader - ISACA - Toronto Chapter


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